GKIDS to release the first three episodes of "Dan Da Dan" in theaters.

GKIDS will release each episode of the new television series "Dan Da Dan" theatrically in North America on Friday, September 13, marking the first time GKIDS has distributed a first-run series.

The theatrical premiere is titled "Dan Da Dan": The First Encounter and will include the first three episodes of the series. Exclusive interviews with the key talents involved in the project will also be shown.

Outside of the North American deal with GKIDS, the show's producer, Mainichi Broadcasting System, will work with ADN and Muse to distribute the episodes theatrically in over 50 countries and territories including Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand.

The series will receive a lot of exposure in the U.S. outside of GKIDS' theatrical release; Netflix has the rights to distribute the series worldwide starting in October, and the animation service Crunchyroll will simulcast the series whenever a new episode is released in Japan. Crunchyroll, an anime service, will simulcast the series whenever new episodes are released in Japan.

Here is an overview of GKIDS' sci-fi/occult-themed series: Conceived as a love letter to genre films, B-movies, and retro sci-fi, "Dundadan" tells the story of Momo, a high school girl from a family of mediums, and Okarn, an occult freak high school boy. compete to deny the existence of the other's passions, they become embroiled in encounters both spiritual and paranormal that give the two teenagers unimaginable power.

The series is produced by Science Monkey ("Devil Man Cry Baby," "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off," "Dog King") and marks the directorial debut of studio veteran Fuuga Yamashiro (assistant director of "Keep Your Hands Off Me" and "Tatami: Time Machine Blues"). Other contributors include Koji Seko (screenplay), Kensuke Ushio (music), Naoyuki Onda (character design), Yoshimichi Kameda (creature design), Satoshi Hashimoto (color design), Junichi Azuma (art director), Kazuto Izumida (compositing director), Kiyoshi Hirose (editor), and Eriko Kimura (sound director). [It is serialized in Shueisha's "Jump+" and "Manga Plus. Circulation exceeds 3 million copies.