Animation+, a free channel focused on adult comedy content, launches in the US and Canada

Animation+ is a new streaming service and studio focused on adult comedy content for millennials and Generation Z viewers, launched in the U.S. and Canada. Its first consumer product is a free, ad-supported TV channel currently available exclusively on Samsung TV Plus.

Channels include Explosm Studios (Cyanide and Happiness), Hunter Hancock (MeatCanyon and Papa Meat), Jarrad Wright (Big Lez Official), Tom Hinchliffe and Don Gregor (FlashGitz), David Firth (Salad Fingers), Mike Carfora and Adam Mickiewicz. Lieuwma (Cartoon Box), Ross Bollinger (Pencil), Marc m (Sick Animator), and many others carrying more than 600 hours of content at launch due to partnerships with Youtube creators including the Bridge Kids (Bridge Kids), Drue and Miles Langlois (Apollo Gauntlet and Hazmat Man), Joost. (See below for more information).

The service is developed by Streaming Ink Media, run by media executives Evan Weiss and John Fitzpatrick. Both have a unique experience in the web creator space. Weiss is the manager representing first-generation Youtube star Lucas Cruikshank, and Fred Figglehorn's character was one of the earliest traits to move from the web to mainstream cable. Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick worked with Explosion Studios to create crowdfunding and distribution agreements for projects such as Cyanide & Happiness Show and Joking Hazard.

Doug Herzog, former President of Viacom Music and Entertainment Group, is a service advisor.

Animation+Studios, the studio side of the streamer, is developing new content and plans to launch in 2025 a premium service with original 30-minute series, 11-minute series, feature films and video games.

"Currently, the landscape of fast [free ad-supported TV] channels is dominated by legacy content with the charm of nostalgia," Weiss said in a statement, "Animation+ is developing original premium content with these popular creators, so the adult anime genre is becoming more and more popular." "

Animation+ is expected to expand internationally as well as on other platforms later this year. The beta version of the Animation+ app will be available on a limited basis in this year's Q4.