New Versions of "Adventure Time," "Regular Show" and "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends" Get Green Light

Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios, and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe greenlit three new series at the Studio Focus presentation in Annecy. The studios also presented projects currently in development. [a reboot of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" for young children, a spin-off series of "Adventure Time," and a reboot of "Regular Show. Craig McCracken and J.G. Quintel, creators of "Foster's" and "Regular Show," are involved in new versions of their respective series, while Penn Ward, creator of "Adventure Time," is has not been involved.

The three green lights are detailed below:

Foster's Funtime for Imaginary Friends (preschool series, Cartoon Network)

Contents: A young group of preschool-aged Imaginary Friends learn from their immature, older Learning from their friend Bloo. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" is a spin-off of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," which was the highest-rated Cartoon Network series from 2004 to 2008. Foster's Home was the highest-rated original production on Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2008. Over the years, "Foster's Home" has remained a worldwide favorite, with viewers ages 6-11 growing up to share this imaginative, hilarious, and relatable series with their own children. Creative Talent Craig McCracken Studio Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe

"Adventure Time: Side Quest" (children's series, Cartoon Network) Description "Adventure Time: Side Quests" takes the "Adventure Time" franchise to a time when Finn was just a kid, excited to fight monsters and go on epic quests with his best friend Jake. In standalone episodes, the heroes take on classic Adventure Time villains like the Ice King and reunite with outstanding supporting characters from the original series. Creative Talent Nate Cash Studio Cartoon Network Studios

Untitled Regular Show Project (Kids Series, Cartoon Network) Creative Talent J.G. Quintel Studio Cartoon Network Studios

In addition to three new series, six more new projects in development were announced in Annecy. Details are as follows:

Adventure Time: Heyo BMO, a series for young children, Cartoon Network Overview In the imaginary land of Woo, the little robot BMO embarks on a new adventure: he settles in a new neighborhood with new friends and, with his unique enthusiasm and curiosity, tries to tackle each challenge he faces, learn and fill his database. Creative Talent Adam Muto, Ashlyn Anstie Studio Cartoon Network Studios

Untitled Barbara Throws a Wobbler project (Preschool series)

DESCRIPTION: Barbara is a little cat with big feelings. She chases wool balls, plays hide-and-seek, watches TV on her cozy blanket, and reads picture books before bed. But one day is different, and Barbara has big feelings. Creative Talent Joris Van Fursen Studio Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe

Go-Go Mystery Machine (Kids series, Cartoon Network)

Filmography Shaggy and Scooby-Doo travel to Japan on the ultimate food adventure and unwittingly find hundreds of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy unintentionally unleash hundreds of mischievous mythical monsters. With the help of Scooby's uncle, Dieske Doe, magical friend Etsuko and gadget whiz Toshiro, Shaggy and Scooby have new mysteries to solve and monsters to catch. Creative Talent Francisco Paredes Studio Warner Bros. Animation

Film "Adventure Time" (Family/Co-viewing feature)

Description Jake and Finn embark on their greatest adventure ever. Creative Talent Rebecca Sugar, Patrick McHale, Adam Muto Studio Cartoon Network Studios

Bad Karma (Family/Co-viewing Feature)

Description Set in a dark mythical world filled with magic and fantasy, the story of courage, loyalty, and the unlikely friendship between the young demon princess Chandra and the legendary demigod Veerle. An exciting and epic tale. Creative Talent Sanjay Patel, Rajesh Devraj, Vikash Shankar, Katie Rice Studio Warner Bros. Animation

Lovey Dovey (Adult Feature)

Description The story of an optimistic married pigeon looking for his one true love. He gets stuck with a flock of street pigeons whose only purpose in life is to fuck the big birds on a popular children's TV show. Creative Talent Eva Tramer Studio Warner Bros. Animation