Annecy: Adult Swim to premiere "Common Side Effects", new show from "Reign of the Scavengers" co-creator

Adult Swim's growing presence at Annecy is a sign of the brand's growing success and growing demand for adult animation products in the United States.

In 2023 Q4, adult swimming had greater primetime growth among adults aged 18-49 than other major cable networks. It also ended last year as the top 18 cable network among adults 34-18-49 and 5, and as the top 25 cable network among adults 54-10.

In addition, it premiered in Cable in 2023 the top 3 new animated series: Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, My Adventures with Superman, and Ro

A number of the network's leading executives and creators will be invited to Anu next week to present three different panels. We will attend the show. The first of these panels is the Annecy panel of Common Side Effects, an Eg

Adult Swim produced by Scavenger Reign co-creators Joe Bennett and Mike Judge and Greg Daniels.

(Wednesday, June12at5pm, Bonlieu–Petite salle) Adult Swim will screen the entire first episode of a common side effect only in Annecy. After the world premiere, co-creators Joe Bennett (Scavenger Rain) and Steve Helly (Veep, American Dad!

From Executive Producers Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, a common side effect follows Marsh and Francis, two former high school lab partners who share a secret: Marshall has discovered the world's largest drug, a mushroom that can heal almost anything. But getting it to the world is not easy – DEA, big pharma, and international businessmen are all in pursuit to stop them. The half-hour serialized comedy thriller is produced by Bandera and Green Street Pictures.

(Thursday, june13at2pm, Impérial Palace–Salle de la Volière) Featuring appearances by Emmy-winning creator Genndy Tartakovsky (Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal) and Smiling Friends co-creators Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack, the panel will present an upcoming adult swim content that continues to go against expectations. It offers a first look at the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection of vintage items from the collection. Ouweleen and Makkos will join Kelly Crews, the head of production at Adult Swim, for the first look and breaking news-filled show stop panel highlighting the network's global dominance in adult animation.

(Friday, June14at12pm, Impérial Palace–Salle de la Volière) Adult Swim,Max,Warner Bros.Animation focuses on strategy and effort in the booming adult animation space. Ouweleen,Makkos,and executive vice president,alternative programming,Warner Bros. Animation Peter Girardi previews current and upcoming projects and talks about Warner Bros.We will share the team's strategy to ensure that Discovery is the destination for adult animation.