Valya Yakovleva's Russian Short "Oneluv" Wins Grand Prize at Animafest Zagreb

The short film "Oneluv," directed by Valija Jakovleva, won the top prize at Animafest Zagreb, the second oldest animation film festival in the world. The awards were presented Saturday evening in Zagreb, Croatia.

In Jakovleva's "Oneluv," strangers visit the home of a young couple. Taking advantage of their hosts' hospitality, the unexpected guests make the couple do something indiscreet.

The short film competition jury, consisting of Hugo Covarrubias, Hisko Hülsing, Tal Kantor, Aneta Ozorek, and Vuk Jevremovi, praised the story for its "shivering style of storytelling that magnifies tales of imperfection, dirt and abuse."

The film was screened in competition at Annecy, Raindance, Tallinn Black Night, and Tribeca, and was nominated for a European Film Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

According to the Feature Film Jury, Mohamed Ghazala, Ivana Grujashevi? Kuman, and Ferenc Mikulás:

The jury first chose this film for its particular animation language. It is beautifully animated and designed, and presented in a simple way. In doing so, the complex emotions of the film's theme are made more tangible. Also, the story in question has already been told many times, but this time it is told in a completely new and fresh way.

Other major awards include Joseph Pearce's "Scale," which won the Zagreb Prize, a gold award for creativity and innovative artistic achievement. Stephen Vuillemin's A Kind of Testament won the Zlatko Gurgi? Award.

Vivian Harshay's "Above the Clouds" won the Dušan Vukoti? and "Eeva" by Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov was recognized as the best Croatian film.

This year's Audience Award went to Oscar-nominated director Joan Gonzalez's "Ice Merchants."

Grand Prix

Golden Zagreb Award for creativity and innovative artistic achievement

Zlatko Grgi? Award

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Grand Prix

Special Jury Prize

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