Titmouse Foundation and Warrior Art Camp Partner on Animation Education Scholarship Program

The Titmouse Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by leading independent animation studio Titmouse, has partnered with Warrior Art Camp, an online art training company, to create equitable educational opportunities for animators seeking to advance their careers The new 20-week scholarship course will offer.

The Future Art Directors Program will run from late January 2024 through June 2024 and will be led by Titmouse Art Director Arthur Loftis, who has worked on such major films as "The Legend of Vox Machina," "Voltron," and "Motor Tron" He is responsible for: "Legendary Defender," "Motor City," and other major productions.

According to Loftus,

mentoring aspiring animators is very important to me. Through the Future Art Director program, I want participants to feel inspired and armed with the right knowledge to gain a competitive advantage to take their careers to the next level.

Classes will meet once a week for 3-4 hours via Zoom. Participants will receive lectures, guest panels, co-working sessions, and practical exercises, and will be expected to spend at least 8-20 hours on homework. Topics covered during the program include creating style guides, breaking down scripts and animations, asset packaging, etc.

The program is open to artists throughout the United States with at least four years of animation production experience. Interested applicants can find more information and apply here.

Future Art Directors is funded by a scholarship provided by the Titmouse Foundation with support from Amazon Studios. Only scholarship recipients have full access to the curriculum and assignment feedback, while other participants may attend guest lectures for a fee.

Shannon Prynoski, co-founder of Titmouse, stated in the release:

Our goal is to empower creators to focus on honing their craft and thinking big about their careers, removing obstacles in their journey that and remove the concerns of financial limitations that can be an obstacle to their journey. We hope that by offering this scholarship-based education, we will ultimately open the door to a more diverse and inclusive studio leadership level.

Kayleigh Ma, founder of Warrior Art Camp, added:

In our two years of operation, we have noticed a growing need for comprehensive training to access higher positions in the animation art department We have realized that there is a growing need for comprehensive training to access higher positions in the animation art department. With the invaluable support of a respected animation studio, we have created a curriculum that meets the practical demands of the industry.