Eleven-year-old Gogo Matsumoto in "Punch Perch Forever! and the ogre team was no match for him.

Watch as 11-year-old Gogo Matsumoto single-handedly takes on a team of bloodthirsty, baseball-loving ogres! Speedoru's Punch Punch Forever!"

A fun and striking animation that highlights the 1980s and 1990s aesthetic with VHS artifacts, advertising bumpers, and commercial cuts. There is also a bit of meta-fun in the video description, which explains that the tape was found in an old box that had been chewed by a rat and blinded.

The film features nonstop action and visual gags highlighted by vivid colors and hyper-emotional facial expressions that embody the best of Japanese animation of that era.

As for the story, the synopsis of "Speeder" reads: [Gogo Matsumoto, an 11-year-old aloof martial arts prodigy, along with his half-demon sister, Nono, his mom's mom, and his cool pet frog, Cool Frog, are in a near infinite number of youkai from the other world called Akumugai, and humans They compete in a martial arts tournament where they battle a nearly infinite number of youkai from the other world called Akumugai. If the humans can win, they will receive a wish from Emperor Koro, the warlord of the Akumugai. Can Gogo overcome this impossible challenge?

"Punch Punch Forever! has only been in theaters for a week and has already racked up over 1.6 million views, making the eight-minute short a quick watch and leaving one anticipating subsequent episodes in which we will learn more about Gogo and her nontraditional family.