British tower block reflects on life in the city in "The Secret Diary of a Skyscraper".

Stephen Ong's animated short film "The Secret Diary of a High Rise" is now available online after screening at several animation film festivals in the UK.

The short film features anthropomorphic buildings of all sizes as they experience the ups and downs of life in the big city. The main character, a high-rise tower block, of course, reunites with an old friend and recalls a relationship from many years ago.

Bold colors and striking lighting create a delightful nightlife atmosphere. The first-person narration from High Rise plays along with a jazzy soundtrack composed by John Hugo Unger, making this short feel like it was recorded in a smoky club on a night of open-mic spoken word poetry.

The Secret Diary of a High Rise was produced by Adam Wells and narrated by Sasha Goguel.