For anyone who has ever had an unpleasant experience in a public sauna, I give you Nils Knoblich's short story "Sauna Security".

Some people may look forward to going to the sauna with great anticipation. Others find sauna to be a high-stress endeavor that they must endure rather than enjoy. Both groups are presented with a comedic touch in Nils Knoblich's charming animated short "Sauna Security."

Humans of all shapes and sizes share the intimate space of the steamy sauna, some stripped down, others wrapped tightly in towels.

The exaggerated animation, distinctive character designs, and quirky sound effects more than make up for the paucity of dialogue, as one amusing gag after another is delivered.

Knoblich wrote, designed, and directed the film, which was produced by Martin Schmidt, Dennis Stein-Schonberg, and the German studio Raum Capsule Animation. Knoblich also worked on the animation with Janina Putzker and Benedikt Hummel.