Puss in Boots" Returns to No. 2 at the Domestic Box Office, Approaching $300 Million Worldwide

DreamWorks' "Puss in Boots": The Last Wish is on track to surpass $300 million at the worldwide box office.

Universal Pictures' "The Last Wish" grossed an estimated $11.5 million domestically and $17.8 million internationally from January 20-22, while "PiB" grossed $29.3 million at the weekend, bringing its worldwide total from 79 territories to $209, It grossed $207.5 million worldwide from 79 territories.

Internationally, "PiB" fell just 19% in its fifth week of release, and its current offshore performance is well ahead of Universal's 2021 holiday release "SING/Sing 2" at the same point in its theatrical run. The film earned higher box office receipts in Mexico and sold more admissions in Brazil.

The Last Wish's $11.5 million domestic box office gross moved it back into second place at the North American box office behind James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water, also a Universal feature film, distributed by 20th Century Studios. The "Avatar" sequel had another strong weekend domestically and abroad, becoming the sixth film in history to break the $2 billion mark worldwide. Domestically, it will soon surpass the $600 million mark.

Crunchyroll opened its latest animated feature film in U.S. theaters over the weekend, and while there was not much fanfare beforehand, the release of "Slime Reincarnated in the Movie: Scarlet Bond" earned $1.5 million in 1,473 theaters, placing it 8th at the North American box office. This is the 17th highest opening weekend for an animated film in North American box office history, and in its first three days alone, it is already the 27th highest grossing film in the region.

Fantawild's Chinese animated "Boonie Bears": The Guardian Code, which opened on January 22, was so high that it ranked seventh at the domestic box office and earned $19.2 million in its debut weekend at the worldwide box office. Guardian Code" is the ninth installment in the "Boony Bears" series, which began as a series on multiple Chinese networks in 2012 and has since become one of the country's most successful animated franchises, with over 675 episodes produced in 11 seasons.