DreamWorks Artists Share Their Contributions to "Puss in Boots": A Last Wish

Puss in Boots: "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish" is doing well at the global box office, and DreamWorks artists are sharing their contributions to the hit film on social media.

"The Last Wish," the sequel to the Joel Crawford-directed spin-off, has had a strong cultural impact since its big release over the Christmas vacation weekend. Thanks to fantastic word-of-mouth, the film has surpassed its domestic release weekend box office for the third consecutive week, even though PVOD distribution began on January 6.

Fortunately for those interested in the craft involved in such filmmaking, "The Last Wish" distributor Universal and animation studio DreamWorks are holding back when it comes to artists sharing behind-the-scenes footage of the finished film. Storyboards, animatics, and concept art for some of the most iconic scenes in "Last Wish" are now available online. We've collected many social media posts here, and hope that more will continue to be shared as the film continues its impressive run.

For those who have not yet seen the film, there are spoilers in the posts we are sharing, so bookmark our posts and come back after you have experienced the film.

Concept artist Neil Campbell Ross shared some of his amazing artwork that influenced the stylized world of Last Wish:

A post shared by Neil Campbell Ross (@limbolo49)

A post shared by Neil Campbell Ross (@limbolo49)

Prashanth Cavale shared this film about Puss having a panic attack and being comforted by Per Prashanth Cavale animated the film's most emotionally resonant scene:

"I was very lucky to animate the panic attack scene in Puss in Boots: A Last Wish. I am thrilled to see how much love this piece is getting on social media. Pero is the friend we all need. #dreamworks #pussinbootsthelastwish #animation pic.twitter.com/Rd7MtPBuak

- prashanth cavale (@CavalePrashanth) January 18, 2023

Taylor Meacham is the storyboard artist for the panic attack scene and shared some of his work:

I had the opportunity to storyboard this sequence where "Puss in Boots" has a panic attack. #pussinboots https://t.co/O95SvYgnPa pic.twitter.com/bEP9FzoRPX

- TaylorMeach (@TaylorMeach) January 18, 2023

Next, Heidi Jo Gilbert, the film's story director tweeted the full story reel and animation:

And here is the full scene with story reel and animation. And here is the full scene with story reel and animation. pic.twitter.com/XpvlPvfUOh

- Heidi Jo Gilbert (@heidijogilbert) January 22, 2023

Patrick Ghisiano brings another terrifying villain to the Shrek film world He created the animation:

He had the opportunity to animate the first sequence introducing Death, the wolf in Puss in Boots. As an animator, I really enjoyed Wagner Moura's voice. Intense, playful, bordering on scary and majestic... #pussinbootsthelastwish #pussinboots #DreamWorks #animation #WagnerMoura pic.twitter. com/AXMKWgEKBe

- patrick giusiano (@ PatrickGiusiano) January 19, 2023

Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez also did the animation for the little girl's terrifying new enemy. Very happy to be animating the wolves, thanks to Ludo Bouancheau Dan Wagner and @thebokbok!!! #pussinbootsthelastwish #pussinboots #DreamWorks #wolfpussinboots #animation pic. com/zBJqwDoNSS

- Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez (@gonzo5571) January 20, 2023

A little more about Ludovic Bouancheau's work:

As head of character animation Haven't had the chance to animate much, but got a chance to work on fight shots to respond to @nthonyholden @nthonyholden's great storyboards. pic.twitter.com/78oKTChXA3

- Ludovic Bouancheau (@Oozthere) January 22, 2023

Jeremy Schaefer deftly handled this scene of Puss and Kitty Soft Pose:

Loved animating this cute moment between Puss the Lovebird and Kitty.

Thanks. Thanks to Laurent Caneiro (@Laurent_Caneiro) and Ooze (@Oozthere) for their great feedback. And a big round of applause to the other departments who did a beautiful job on this sequence. #DreamWorks #animation #PussInBoots pic.twitter.com/TET3IYVwag

- Jeremy Schaefer (@Jeremy_Schaef) January 23, 2023

Jorge Garcia, shared the other side of the first meeting between the little girl and her nemesis. It's fun to compare the previous blocking with the finished version (what was I thinking---). The sequence was supervised by the fearless HOCA, Ludo Bouancheau. #dreamworks #pussinbootsthelastwish #animation pic.twitter.com/Q1AQ8TGO3h

- Jorge Garcia - shrek.exe (@animatorjay) January 21, 2023

Shir Baron's first feature animation job was "The Last Wish":

"Puss in Boots" was my first film and will always hold a special place in my heart. I would like to thank my wonderful team for guiding and mentoring me through the process. thebokbok#dreamworks #pussinboots #pussinbootsthelastwish #perrito pic.twitter.com/aTsqvezwVQ

- Shir Baron (@shirbaronart) January 19, 2023

"The Last Wish" was also Maarten Lemmens' first feature film, and he was involved in the final battle of the film:

"Puss in Boots" was my first animated film, and I trusted and helped with this sequence all I can't thank Fabio Rinini and Ludo Bouanchot @Oozthere enough for their trust and all their help with this sequence. Enjoy the use of swiffer and water bottle props! #pussinboots #pussinbootsthelastwish #pussinboots2 #animation #DreamWorks pic.twitter.com/HRjw8gjt8L

- Maarten (@MaartenArt) January 20, 2023