Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at Concept, Layout, Characters and Storyboards for "The Great Unicorn War" - Exclusive

"Unicorn Wars," directed by Alberto Vazquez, which won the Spanish Academy's Goya Award last month, has finally opened in U.S. theaters and on video-on-demand.

"Unicorn Wars" is a psychedelic anti-war allegory that revolves around a religious battle between colorful bears and shadowy unicorns. Morbidly funny, it is a visual feast of color and movement. Over the past year, the film has screened at prestigious international film festivals around the world, including Annecy, Ottawa, and the BFI London Film Festival, and had its US premiere at Fantastic Fest.

Vazquez is one of Spain's leading animators, and his films have won awards at some of the world's leading festivals: in 2021, his short film Homeless Home won the Jury Prize at Annecy, was screened at Clermont-Ferrand, Fantoche, and Ottawa, and received the Spanish and It was nominated for an Academy Goya Award. His breakthrough feature film, Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, was a huge success at festivals and won awards at the Platino, Goya and Fantasia film festivals.

To celebrate its release in the U.S., Unico's Basque producer provided us with some great behind-the-scenes concepts, layouts, characters, and storyboards.