DreamWorks Story Artist Darren Webb Talks "Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken" Board

DreamWorks story artist Darren Webb recently posted an enlightening and educational video discussing some of his work on Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. (Warning: this video contains serious plot spoilers.)

Webb's video is only six and a half minutes long, but it serves as a sort of cliff notes master class in putting together a simple, yet highly effective storyboard.

In the video, Webb shares the artwork he put together for the film's third act. Some of what he shared did not make it into the final film, making the video all the more interesting. He also shared artwork from the vis development team, which depicts Ruby using the lessons she learned early in the film to gain the upper hand in a key moment in the battle against her nemesis.

Webb's artwork is fun to look at and surprisingly colorful. Webb takes the time to explain what is happening in each shot and why things are presented the way they are on screen, both in visual and narrative context.