The trailer for Paramount's "Under the Boardwalk" will be released.

Paramount's film "Under the Boardwalk" will be released in the United States this weekend, and the company recently released the first trailer for the film. After a limited theatrical release, the film will be available for purchase on PVOD digital platforms (Amazon, Apple, Vudu, etc.) beginning November 7.

Under the Boardwalk's animation is well-crafted, if a bit familiar: and with Turbo, the company has proven that it knows how to make a box-office friendly film. It was a surprise when Paramount CEO Brian Robbins said earlier this year that "Under the Boardwalk" would be streaming on Paramount+ as is. He explained, "We're not going to release an expensive original animated film and just hope people come."

It is good to see that the distributors have changed their minds and "Under the Boardwalk" will be shown in theaters, even if on a smaller scale. Paramount has not confirmed how many theaters will be showing the film this weekend.

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