Apple Orders New CG Feature Film "Peanuts" from "The Peanuts Movie" Director Steve Martino

Apple has ordered a new CG-animated Peanuts film, which will begin production at Wild Brain Studios in 2024.

The film is not considered a direct sequel to Blue Sky Studios' 2015 "The Peanuts Movie," but Steve Martino, the director of that film, will once again direct the film.

While this is the first feature film to be produced jointly by Apple TV+, Peanuts Worldwide, and Wildbrain, the three companies have previously produced many specials and episodes for the franchise.

Here's what we know about the newly announced Peanuts movie:

Jamie's take: This is an important announcement regarding Apple's feature animation ambitions. The company's partnership with Skydance Animation did not bear much fruit, with only one film, last year's "Luck," being added to the Apple TV+ library before Skydance signed a new deal with Netflix. This time around, Netflix is taking a more secure approach. According to Apple, "Peanuts" is an iconic franchise and has performed well on the platform.