Bomper Studio Makes 4-Day Workweek Permanent After Successful 6-Month Trial

Welsh CG and animation production company Bomper Studio is moving to a four-day work week after a six-month trial.

About Bomper- Bomper is an independent production studio specializing in advertising, branding, broadcast, and music videos. The studio recently released its first short film, Coffee Run, produced a Grammy-nominated music video for Tyler Childers, and directed two animated music videos for the Foo Fighters.

Bomper's Studio Philosophy: The company has always prided itself on its progressive approach to labor, always looking for new ways to work, not only creatively, but also in its structure, processes, and culture. Bomper is completely self-financed, allowing the studio to make flexible management decisions. This independence has allowed Bomper to devote a quarter of its revenue to research and development over the past four years.

Experimentation: Thanks to this philosophy, Bomper was able to start a six-month trial period in which the studio is closed every Friday, without lowering salaries or compressing working hours.

The Process The transition to a four-day workweek was not as simple as simply taking Fridays off. According to Bomper, the entire studio worked together to create habits that promoted deeper work:

The result: a total of 15 full-time employees were affected by the change; according to Bomper, there have been no reported problems at the studio since the change was implemented, and the quality of work Bomper said that since the change was implemented, there have been no reported problems at the studio and no decrease in the quality of work. Furthermore, during the pilot period, the studio was able to maintain the same workload and growth without missing a single deadline.

Bomper used key performance indicators and staff surveys to track the success of the changes experienced by employees and received overwhelmingly positive responses. Staff stated that the improved work-life balance not only increased productivity and creativity, but also resulted in a happier work environment.

Their Voices Bomper's Human Resources Manager, Ceri Davis, explained:

Flexible work arrangements and overtime pay offer many great benefits, but we wanted to do what we could to prevent burnout and provide a healthy balance for our team We wanted to do everything we could. By having a four-day workweek, our team will have an extra day to relax, spend more time on hobbies and loved ones, recharge, and ultimately focus on their own well-being.