Get to know the indie filmmaker Georges Schwisgebel

This series will feature some of the most interesting independent animators working today. Through their short films and other projects, these artists are changing the way we think about what is possible in this medium.

This week's topic is legendary Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel.

In one paragraph: Georges Schwizgebel is the consummate animator, his work is filled with fascinating colors, sounds, and images. Each frame is a work of art, intricately timed, drawn, edited, and scored.

Where to Start: Jeu (2006). A manic and brilliant freefall through a beautiful chaos of memories, sensations, and experiences. An exhilarating work that screams love for life.

Next to watch: L' homme sans ombre (2004) is a fine example of Schwizgeber's narrative-oriented work. Based on a kind of Faustian tale, told without words, the protagonist makes a pact with a sorcerer to turn his shadow into wealth. The film is an excellent reflection of the age-old human desire for more, more, more.

Other major works: "Retouches" (2008), "Romance" (2011), "The Battle of San Romano" (2017)

Influences: "At the Annecy Film Festival in the 60s, I was inspired by animated films, Valerian Borovchik, Yoji Kuri, and especially Norman McLaren were my first influences."

He also says that he was "influenced by the film industry and by the film industry in general.

says: "I like animation because it is an artisanal way of making films. I do everything myself, from basic research to final editing. My profession does not require a large infrastructure. Apart from a camera and an old computer, my basic materials remain those of an artist." (1995)

Currently in production: "Right now I've just started a project based on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray."