Guillermo del Toro's "Pinocchio" debuts at #2 in Netflix's Global Top 10, "Scrooge" jumps to #4

Netflix has had a string of animated feature hits. Guillermo del Toro's "Pinocchio" debuted at #2 on the platform's weekly global top 10 list of English-language feature films, while Stephen Donnelly's "Scrooge" also ranked #4: Also, Stephen Donnelly's "Scrooge: A Christmas Carol" jumped to fourth place in its second week.

Despite the film's recent release on December 9, viewers channeled 2.88 million hours of "Pinocchio" in the week of December 5-11. This is less than 1 million hours ahead of the #1 movie, "Mrs. Chatterley's Lover," which was on the platform for all seven days of the recording period.

Pinocchio's 28 million hours is the second-best three-day opening for a Netflix original animated film this year; Chris William's Kaiju, which landed on the platform on July 8, logged 33.5 million hours in its first three days.

While it may not be a surprise that a stop-motion adaptation of a classic IP made by a Hollywood heavyweight has done so well, it certainly bodes well for Netflix's original animation division. Netflix has struggled in the past to get ratings for some of its animated features, and this year was no exception, with films by Henry Selick ("Wendell & Wild") and Nora Toomey ("My Father's Dragon") failing to make the top 10 of the weekly global rankings, despite critical acclaim.

At the time, many attributed the struggles to Netflix's lack of marketing for these films. However, both Selick and Toomey benefited from stronger marketing and festival promotion than Scrooge: Scrooge: A Christmas Carol continued to impress in its second week on the platform, increasing its numbers further.

Released last weekend, "Scrooge" became Netflix's first animated feature to enter the top 10 since "Kaiju" last summer; Scrooge logged 8.17 million hours of viewing in its first weekend and jumped to 13.05 million hours this week.

Pinocchio still has a long way to go to top "Kaiju," which holds the title of most-watched Netflix original feature animation with 165 million hours watched in its first 28 days. However, Pinocchio's viewing time could continue to grow as families gather for the holidays and look for something to watch.