Prime Video Picks Up Canceled Sci-Fi Series "Pantheon"; Unaired Second Season to Premiere October 15

AMC's censored adult sci-fi anime "Pantheon" has been revived by Prime Video and will be uploaded on October 15.

According to a Linkedin post from Titmouse, the studio that produced the show, Prime Video has secured the rights to Pantheon's first two seasons. The post also includes a link to a trailer for season two posted by Prime Video Australia and New Zealand's Youtube account.

No word yet on whether the series will continue beyond the second season, but if it does, this is an important first step.

"Pantheon" is a mystery science fiction story about a bullied teenager who gets help from a stranger online. Over time, it is revealed that the online Samaritan is actually her dead father, David, whose consciousness was uploaded to the cloud after an experimental brain scan. David is the first and not the last of a new type of being called Uploaded Intelligence (UI). This new technology will cause massive and immediate sociopolitical changes and conspiracies that could trigger a new world war.

The program is based on a collection of short stories by author Ken Liu. Craig Silverstein (Nikita, Terra Nova) wrote the original story, wrote the screenplay, and executive produced the film, which was animated by Titmouse.

AMC's cancellation of the show earlier this year came as a surprise to many, especially considering that the entire second season was already in production. Facing financial difficulties, AMC took a $300-$400 million write-down on the show.