Box Office success: "One Piece Film: Red" made its historic debut in Japan, while "Super-Pets" performed well in North America.

The otherwise predictable weekend box office movement was highlighted by One Piece Film: Red's exceptional Japan premiere.

According to Crunchyroll, which distributes films in North America, Australia and New Zealand this fall, the animated film grossed 225,000 yen (ー16.63 million) over the weekend and was a big hit. This total is worthy of the opening of the domestic box office day 2020 of Japanese movies, after "The Blade of Demon", which earned 10 billion yen at the time of release of 3.3 billion yen.2

However, there are caveats. Both Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen2, who were ranked 3rd on the day's opening list, opened on Friday, and One Piece opened on Saturday. If Friday's total was included as part of the opening weekend, One Piece Film: Red fell to 3rd place in history and Jujutsu Kaisen0 passed 2nd place.

In North America, Warner Bros.'s "DC League of Super Pets" took second place at the box office, with the first place being replaced by the Shinkansen. Super Pets saw the movie earn an estimatedear11.2 million over the weekend, a 51.3 percent drop from last week's haul. Its domestic total currently sits at sits45.1 million. Worldwide, Super Pets earned anotherー11.4 million from 67 markets for a 41% drop. The film's offshore gross was worldwide38.3m, the global total was 8 83.4m, and the film had a budget ofne90 million neighborhood.

Minions: The Rise Of Gru sold 5m over the weekend for Top Gun: Maverick to close out the nation's top 7.1m. The film ranked 3rd at the global box office, with全世界2,300 million in ticket sales worldwide. Big Minion news, however, is that today's Universal announced that on 8/19, the film will get a Chinese theatrical release. With bank757.9m global already in the bank, Rise of Gru will be closer to the box office than the 2 billion theatrical animation releases since Frozen10.

Meanwhile, Marcel The Shell, wearing A24 muted roll shoes, appears to be coming to an end. The film, out of 323 of the 821 theaters it played last week, saw a 50.1 percent drop in ticket sales, which reached only週末318,150 over the weekend. That total box office now sits at sits4.9 million.

Paramount's Angry Feet: The Legend of Hank was removed from more than 75% of theaters that played last weekend, with a corresponding 80.7% reduced week by week. The film only generatedチ147,488 in ticket sales, a total ofト17.5 million.

Lightyear was still performing in 280 theaters over the weekend, but sales managed only887,000. Now at Disney+, the execution of the remaining plays of the film hardly seems to be worthy of attention.

And finally, the oscilloscope's Clay Dream made収益4,550 in revenue with its exclusive opening at the Quad Cinema in New York. The film, a documentary about Oscar-winning claymation creator Will Vinton, is expected to expand to Los Angeles and Portland (where Vinton's studio was located) before extensive development over the next few weeks.