Coming soon to a theater near you: - Sonic 3, - Smurf Musical get a release date.

Paramount has set a theatrical release date for two upcoming animation features: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and the recently announced Smurfs

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will open widely in 2024-12-20. Its release date will be 2 and a half years after Sonic 2 appeared in theaters and will collect国内4 million domestically as part of aグ2200 million global take onソ19080 million. These numbers were the highest domestic total ever for video game adaptations, and fourth globally.

Whether the franchise's 3rd film can reach similar heights is hard to predict so far, but we know Sonic won't be the only blue cg protagonist in the theater during the 2024 holiday season. James Cameron's Avatar 3 is expected to be released at the same time, and is sure to bring in more substantial competitors at the box office than the Sonic 2 seen in Michael Bay's "Ambulance" and the Spider-Man villain spinoff "Mobius."

Meanwhile, Paramount is locking in a true romantic plan for Valentine's Day in choosing a 2-14 release for the 2025 Smurfs musical directed by Chris Miller. We're still waiting for an official confirmation of who will handle the animation of the film, but Sony Pictures Imageworks was responsible for that in the cg hybrid and fully animated Smurfs: The Lost Village.