"Monkey King" director Tian Xiaopeng "Deep Sea" to get the full trailer.

10 May Media and Coloroom Pictures, Enlight Media company has released a breathtaking trailer for the deep sea, the upcoming animation features from 10 May founder Tian Xiaopeng, director of the Monkey King: The hero is back.

Xiaopeng is trying to emulate the success of Monkey King, who broke all sorts of records at the Chinese box office in 2019 before being passed by Ne Zha of Yu Yang, another 10-month Coloroom co-production film.

Deep Sea is a 3d animation feature that utilizes traditional Chinese aesthetics to tell fantasy stories set against a modern background. The film follows a young girl who is pushed into a once-in-a-lifetime journey set in a new and mysterious underwater world.

The film is expected to be released in theaters in China this year. The exact date has not yet been announced.