"One Piece Film Red" debuted at second place at the North American box office with a weekend ofー9.48 million.

Crunchyroll's latest big IP box office release, One Piece Film Red, earnedド948 million on its first weekend in theaters in North America, putting it in 2nd place after Black Adam.

The One-piece screened at 2,367 theaters in the US and Canada over the weekend, averagingド1 per 4,003 locations. Once again, it was the best after Black Adam.

One Piece's solid opening weekend can be seen as a bit disappointing when compared to Crunchyroll's other recent debuts. Jujutsu Kaisen0 opened for11800 million earlier this year, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for月8 million in 2110, and Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train for 2021 forー2120 million. These films went toJ3450 million (Jujutsu),れ3810 million (Super Hero) andれ4950 million (Demon Slayer) in the United States.

franchise9.48 million may be a modest haul compared to those franchise behemoths, but it's a massive step forward for North America's One-Piece IP 2017, with One-Piece Film Gold opening at theatrical50,241 and gros423,593 more than its theatrical run. It was the first time that I had been able to do so. 2 years later, One Piece: Stampede opened on its way to a total of opened357,740 million at total1.29.

Looking at the world's photos, the One-piece movie Red grossedド1600 million worldwide over the weekend, bringing the total to達17.74 billion (ー127 million) after its highest-grossing ever in Japanese theaters.合計171.9 million.

Perhaps more impressive, the One-piece film Red is now the 9th highest-grossing animated film of all time worldwide, passing a total of 1 170 million of Princess Mononoke.