- Puss in boots- Find new legs over the New Year weekend as an avatar - continues to dominate.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water has pulled in another 1.38 million from 52 international markets over the holiday weekend for a global gross of 1.186.7 billion so far. Its total international box office currently stands at an estimated 9 956.9 million, and will exceed billions earlier this week.

The Way of Water is Disney's first後10 billion film after the pandemic, the second from a distributor that has toppedオ10 billion at the offshore box office since the pandemic occurred, joining Spider-Man: No Way Home (国際1.1 billion international). The sequel to Avatar was also recently passed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the 15th most profitable film in history.

In the second week in theaters, Joel Crawford's Boots Puss could hurt another 1 16.3 million at the domestic box office for distributor Universal, bringing the North American total to61.2 million. This was a 35% improvement compared to the film's late domestic opening weekend, which was hampered by brutal weather.

On the New Year weekend, the Last Wish also opened in 18 new markets, bringing that total to 71. The film saw a corresponding 15% jump at the box office the previous week and hithit22.5 million overseas on the New Year holidays. The film's offshore total is currently sits68.8 million, and its global tally isド1 129.6 million.

With four strong legs underneath it, Puss in Boots now looks in the right direction to surpass Dreamwork's other latest animated feature to hit theaters, bad guys, which sold gros97 million dollars over domestic runs and 2 250 million dollars worldwide.

Despite its availability at Disney+, Strange World earned週末513,000 over the weekend, extending its domestic haul toド3700 million and nearing the top of the 2022 domestic box office list of 40. To reach that milestone, the movie will have to earn an additional1100 million and pass on Dragon Ball Hero: Super Hero's North American total ofな3810 million. But Strange World was dropped from another 150 theaters over the weekend, so it could take weeks to catch up with Crunchyroll's animated blockbuster.