NBCUniversal will start 2022 with the top 3 animated box office spots as "Puss in Boots" continues to raise big numbers.

After another strong weekend at the global box office for joel Crawford's Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, NBCUniversal has locked up all but the 2022 top 3 spots at the global box office for its fully animated feature release.

After making a global take of世界的3900 million (estimated$13.1 in North America and estimated 25.9 overseas) over the weekend, Dreamworks' PiB is within a whisker ofド2 billion, with revenue of収益12 million since it was released in most regions in late May 197.5. The film only needsDC2.740 million to pass Warners' DC League Of Super Pets (ル2.2640 million) and pixar's Lightyear (る1000 million) at the global box office.

Universal's other Animations The top Gross of 2022 are Illumination Minions: The Rise of the Gru (ド93960 million) and the Bad guys of Dreamworks (ド25020 million).

The last time 1 studio occupied the top 1 animation spot at the global box office in 3 years (not counting hybrid movies) was in 2019, when Disney's Lion King, Frozen II, and Toy Story4 managed the feat. And while Universal has long been Disney's strongest competitor in the global animation box office, this is the first time a distributor has held the top 1 spot for 3 years.

PiB has played in 78 regions over the past weekend but has yet to get a UK release. Domestically, the film has proven to have impressive legs, and despite the fact that it is already available on PVOD, it has fallen by only 3% in week 22. In fact, that week's three-long haul of its13.1 million is still higher than the opening weekend box office of film12.4 million movies that suffered due to the harsh weather conditions of many in the United States.

On May 12 last year, before the wide release of PiB, NBCUniversal boss Jeff Shell took his head off when he said his company's animation business was more attractive than Disney's 2022 figures certainly corroborated that claim, with Universal's next animated feature, the Supermarine. The film Of the Brothers looks to be one of the biggest box office hits of 2023, 1.

Strengthening the case of a powerful 2023 Universal, Troll 3 will be released on 11/17, but there is little information about the film other than its debut date. The first film of that franchise earned世界3.4700 million at the global box office, while the sequel performed powerfully on PVOD amid Covid restrictions, earning a rental fee of919 million in the first 9500 days of release.