Choose the winners of this year's Feature animation, Short Animation, and VFX Academy Awards.

While most of the major awards for films released in 2022 are now distributed, with the Oscar vote ending tomorrow and less than 1 week since the awards, we've picked our favorites in the categories of Animated feature, Short Animation and Visual effects.

These picks are not a recommendation. We are not talking about the quality of any of the films. We're just predicting who we think will bring back the trophy on 3/13.

Favorite. Despite being one of the last animated features to be released in 2022, Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio feels like a favorite of most of the year The film is a technical marvel, featuring an a-list voice cast, and Netflix's marketing funds are driving the campaign, and del Toro is the first movie to be released.1 It has won the strongest award among filmmakers in the anime feature category. Over the past few weeks, the film has won Golden Globes, Critics' Choice, VES, BAFTA, and Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature.

If not Pinocchio, who- the obvious answer feels like Disney is turning red. First of all, it's a Pixar movie, and Disney has historically owned the animated feature division, taking the trophy for the past 13 years to 15 years. When Disney+ hit, it became a cultural and streaming hit overnight, and the film's catchy original pop song quickly went viral, not the "We don't talk about Bruno" hit, but still viral.

Favorite. None of the shorts on the field this year seem to have as much momentum as a boy, a mole, a fox, and a horse.Last month, it won BAFTA and Annie. Similarly, none of the other 4 candidates have the marketing power of that movie acquired by Apple and have seen a corresponding PR push dwarfing what many features can do.

If not a boy...And then who - this was the most difficult of the 3 categories to predict. At the Annie Award, the Portuguese indie film director Joan Gonzalez's short story "The Ice Merchant" won the highest award (the victory of the boy, the Mole, the Fox and the horse was for special production). My year of Sarah Gunnarsdóttir Dicks won the Crystal for the best TV production in Annecy. Lachlan Pendragon said that the ostrich world is fake, and I think I believe it already has a student Oscar win. And none of the shorts have the qualifications of creators like the Flying Sailor's multiple Oscar・nominated directors Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbes.

Favorite. Perhaps one of the most questionable awards at this year's Oscars is the Best Visual Effects Award.1 In other years, movies like Top Gun: Maverick and The Batman will scream. But this is not the other year, and James Cameron's "Avatar: The Water Road" will almost certainly strengthen the case of the film that qualifies as an animated feature if the producers are so inclined, and beyond its multitude of innovations, the Water Road has won nine awards home from its record-breaking 14 nominations, according to the Visual Effects Association of last month. The big winner in the award

If not the avatar, then who-with all due respect to the other candidates, they are a legitimate lot of respect, it's gonna be the avatar.

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