Netflix will debut - Nimona - at Annecy on May 6 this year.

Netflix will debut ND Stevenson's Nimona's long-awaited feature adaptation at Annecy on 6/14, before the film hits the platform later this summer. Nick Bruno and Troy Quane's Nimona are set to be the 3rd big Hollywood animation feature to debut in France in the coming months after Pixar's Elemental announced it would premiere at Cannes and Dreamworks' Ruby Gillman at Annecy.

Originally founded at Blue Sky Studios before being closed by Disney, Nimona is animated by DNEG Animation and is produced from the animation division of annapurna, which was recently launched.

Nimona Synopsis:

The Knight is surrounded for crimes he hasn't committed, and the only person who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a shape-changing teenager who may also be a monster he vowed to destroy. Unlike what animation has worked on so far, set in the techno-medieval world, the labels we assign to people and refuse to be defined by anyone

The voices of this film cast headlines by chloßgrace Moretz, Rizahmed, and Eugene Lee Yang. Karen Ryan, Julie Zachary and Roy Lee are executive producers of Megan Ellison, Robert L. Baird, Andrew Milstein and John Powers Middleton.

On Wednesday, 6/14, Annecy will screen Nimona with Bruno, Quane, Stevenson, Ryan, Zackary and production designer Aidan Sugano. Then the representatives of the film will hold a making session on 6/15 (Thursday).

Other animated films teased by Netflix in Annecy include Robert Smigel, Robert Marianetti, and David Wachtenheim's Leo; Sam Fell's Chicken Run: Dawn of The Nugget; and Anthony Stacchi's The Monkey King. The Streamer also shares the early look of the 2 series, the blue-eyed Samurai and the exploding kitten.