The "Little Mermaid" remake opens with an impressive domestic debut of Domestic95.4M, but struggles abroad.

Disney's Little Mermaid remake, directed by Rob Marshall, topped the domestic box office on its first weekend in theaters, but struggled internationally.

At home, the film had a huge 4,320-day opening ofド9,540 million in 3 theaters. Its 4-day opening is estimated at about 1 billion 1750 million dollars, after adding the anniversary holiday.

If these estimates were true, the Little Mermaid would have had the opening weekend of the 5th largest anniversary in history. The first three-day cinema of the film in America is among the Disney remakes behind the Jungle Book (Jungle103.3 million), Alice in Wonderland (1 116.1 million), Beauty and the Beast (1 174.8 million) and the Lion King (1 191.8 million).

Despite the impressive domestic release of the film, The Little Mermaid It was able to draw an estimated 6 68.3 million dollars in total from the rest of the world. Most notably, the Chinese release of the film was a disaster. Until Sunday, the film had only made収益250 million in revenue, and local sources had predicted that Chinese ticket sales would end at about4400 million.

Globally, the Little Mermaid topped gros163.8 million box office and global box office in its first three days. It's in the middle of Disney's remake path, but it's ranked behind the Lion King (4 433 million), Beauty and the Beast (3 350 million), Alice in Wonderland (2 210.3 million), the Jungle Book (2 240 million) and Aladdin (2 207 million).

There are definitely a few reasons why movies have struggled abroad, but review aggregator sites in some of the world's largest theater markets show that they suspect that Internet trolls are bombarding movies with reviews. IMDB has posted its own disclaimer on its movie review page.

Abnormal Activity: Our evaluation mechanism detected abnormal voting activity for this title. Alternative weight calculations have been applied to maintain the reliability of our evaluation system.

In other news, the Super Mario Bros. movie of Illumination continues to roll together and currently sits sits1.278 billion. This week, it will pass Frozen (ル128,100 million) to become the second highest-grossing animated film in history after Frozen II (ー145,000 million) and Lion King (ー166,000 million) 3.