8 features to look forward to in Annecy 2023.

Annecy opens this weekend and with hundreds of screenings, pitching, workshops, panels and parties, it's impossible to see everything the festival has to offer.

In our plans for the upcoming week, we decided to pick a few features that we've been looking forward to since this year's lineup was first announced.

Below, we selected 8 features that were screened in either the main competition or the Contrechamp lineup, especially in no particular order. The list is not exhaustive and we want to catch many other films at this year's festival.

Art College 1994, Liu Jian

Mars Express, Jérémie Périn

Inventors, Jim Capobianco, Pierre Luc Granjon

Johnny & I- Traveling through Time with John Hartfield, Katrin Lot

Ro] Mirror In the lonely castle, Hara Keiichi

indivisible, Jeremy de Grusson