Netflix drops the full "Nemona" trailer, new stills, ahead of tonight's Annecy World premiere.

Netflix has released an official trailer for the animated feature Nimona, which will be world premiere tonight at the Annecy Festival, before being released on platforms around the world at 6.30 AM.

For those who can't make it to the film's debut, the new trailer will be the most detailed look at the world and characters of Nimona until the film is released later this month. Prior to tonight's premiere, Quang spoke with us about developing the world of Nimona:

Nimona is directed by Duonic Bruno and Troy Quang, who are spies disguised. The script was dramatized by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor from the NYT bestselling graphic novel nominated for the Nd Stevenson eponymous National Book Award. Stevenson also co-produced.

How do you visualize the future of the Middle Ages - turrets, cantilevered buildings, details of Tudor styling, ramparts, castle walls. For us, it was looking back at everything and moving them forward, mixing traditional building materials such as stone and wood with modern glass and steel. All these design choices were made to support metaphors and stories. It is an idea of the future of the Middle Ages, a society that had technologically advanced in time but whose mindset was still locked in the past in an outdated way of thinking.

With such strong source material that comes with a very dedicated fan base, it was also important to get the characters right. Bruno tells us how his character designer created something that works in the film, but is still recognizable to fans of graphic novels.

As fans of graphic novels, we were able to do something new, incorporating what we loved about this book. And it was really important. We didn't just want to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy, we wanted to be carbon copy. We had to make the world bigger and keep the characters a bit more grounded while staying true to what ND has done. Really, what it came down was to give Nemona an eye. Make sure she can turn around and really lean on all the fun, comic possibilities. We enjoyed it so much.

After attending tonight's Nimona premiere, the film's director, Stevenson, and producers Karen Ryan and Julie Zachary will present the Annecy Making Panel on Thursday.