Fernando Truba and Javier Mariscal's "They Shot the piano player" get a toe・tapping trailer.

They filmed the latest animated feature, piano player from Chico & Rita directors Fernando Truba and Javier Mariscal, and got the first trailer today, along with the news that it will start running its Spanish domestic theater on 10/6.

Sony Pictures Classic recently acquired U.S. rights to the film, but a release date has not yet been announced. Although the fall theatrical run seems likely because the film is an obvious award season contender.

They filmed piano players have been building buzz for several years now, and the new trailer offers their first look at what to expect when it hits theaters this fall. It's also your first chance to hear Jeff Goldblum's narration.

During the film's current scenes, the art is pretty and tinted with everyday shades, but the flashback Rio de Janeiro set scenes are more explosive colors This film has long been billed as a celebration of the Bossa Nova movement, and the vibrant and energetic clips seem to confirm that claim. It is.

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