the man of kovabunga. "Mutant Mayhem" madeー10.2M on its first day in cinemas.

Nickelodeon movies and Paramount Pictures' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem started the domestic box office with a powerful preview on Tuesday, a huge Wednesday, and could have seen the first five days of the first 35-4ド45 million in cinemas.

Wednesday marked the official opening day of Jeff Rowe's Mutant Mayhem, with the film pulling in 3 3.85 M from Tuesday's preview screening, including 1 10.2M. The film's total was enough for second place at the box office, just behind Warner Bros. Discovery's cultural phenomenon Barbie.

Mutant Mayhem will definitely be one of the biggest animated success stories of the year, as it was made with a控7000 million budget that is modest by Hollywood standards, according to Variety 1. For context, that number is around what Dreamworks spent last year on The Bad Guys. The film grossed224M in its debut weekend, making it a big box office hit with a lifetime domestic box office ofき97.2m. The Green Good guys at Nickelodeon and Paramount seem like a sure thing to dwarf that tally by the time everything is said and done.

Mutant Mayhem also set the high Water mark for the theatrical animation franchise and makes more on its first day than TMNT did back in 2007.

We expect this film to also have strong legs, with very little competition anywhere on the horizon. Despite Barbie, now many high-profile movies in cinemas are coming in the next few weeks that must have fought for audiences that are not or resemble mutant mayhem.

Perhaps more importantly, thanks to smart marketing campaigns, incredible word-of-mouth and critical praise, the film is buzzing, giving audiences a lot of confidence that they'll get value for money if they travel to the multiplex.

This, of course, is very good news for the feature-length animation industry, which has so far experienced a summer of hits and misses. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse was a clear winner, and Elemental struggled from the gate but fought back and now it looks broken, while Ruby Gillman, a teenage Kraken, flops like a fish out of the water. Mutant Mayhem overachieving hopes to tell the studio that there is a lot of money for feature animation if it makes a decent film that is well sold and attracts the attention of the audience.