-Elemental- will debut next week in the Making of Documentary on Disney+.

As Elemental nears the end of an impressive and unlikely play, Pixar's latest will splash out on Disney+ next week.

Today, Streamers announced that the film will debut globally on 6/16, 89 days after its 9/13 theater premiere. Making its debut with Elemental on the 13th is the making of the documentary entitled Good Chemistry: The Story of Elemental and the short film Carl's Date.

Good Chemistry: The story of the Elemental follows Son on a journey to tell his most personal story yet. This documentary explores several real-life influences that have contributed to the elemental narrative. The grandson tracks his parents' emigration from South Korea to New York, visits his father's former grocery store in the Bronx and pursues an animation career rather than taking over the family business.

The bundled arrival comes just as Disney has announced a limited-time discount to its ad-support tier. Interested subscribers can sign up between 9/6 and 20 days to receive 3 months of Disney+Basic with広告1.99/month ads for 3 months. The same subscription usually costs month7.99/month.

Elemental's arrival at Disney+ will be much slower than many had expected given the film's rocky start at the box office. However, the film has had an incredible leg since then and, according to the box office Mojo, has sold more than115,360 million domestically and世界48,000 worldwide.

INBTWN interview with Sohn at this year's Annecy for those who don't have Disney+ or can't wait until 9/13 to know more about the movie's background