Signe Baumann's "My Love Affair with Marriage" is ready for a tour show to more than 20 cities with filmmakers.

Signe Baumane's My Love Affair with Marriage is set to begin performing an unorthodox play that organizers call an Animation Rock Tour.

From 10/6, the film will accompany a series of events screenings in more than 20 major cities in North America, accompanied by filmmakers and producers. The film's first stop is in New York City, where you can enjoy a week-long Oscar qualifying at Quad Cinema.

Following the New York run, Bauman and producer Sturgis Warner are to introduce the film to new audiences, hold Q&A, share behind-the-scenes stories and artwork, and provide original drawings used in the film.

To plan a tour of the film, Bauman and Warner partnered with marketing and distribution producer John Reese and his team in the above 8. In addition to traditional promotional strategies such as social media campaigns and press releases, the My Love Affair team is looking for local organizations in each city that deal with the themes touched upon in the film and inviting them to participate in the screenings. In New York, the Ghetto Film School, the domestic consciousness group Day One and the group of the Russian-speaking American LGBTQ+ Association have all signed.

According to the team,

In the United States, new models for distributing independent films are emerging. We are fiercely accepting of it.

After the New York screening, the tour will head to Los Angeles, where it will be previewed at Lemur Royal on 10/12, with a screening at Lemur Glendale from 10/13/18 for 5 days. Details of the tour can be found on the movie website.

My love affair with marriage is a first-person description of how songs and fairy tales convinced young Zelma that love would one day solve all her problems. As she grows up, the young woman realizes that her world is different from what she was promised. A story of adulthood that follows the protagonist through much of her life, the film also features interspersed biological segments that scientifically explain much of what Zelma is experiencing.

Among the list of impressive honors for the film are the Zagreb Grand Prize, the Annecy Jury Prize, the Tomikawa Special Prize, the Fredrikstad best film win, and the European Film Award nomination for best animated European film.