It's not all people. Warner Bros. Discovery has asked the filmmakers to "Coyote vs. Coyote."Acme will reportedly be sold to other distributors.

Reversing the previous decision to kill Acme vs Coyote, Warner Bros. Discovery now allows its filmmakers to shop features to other agencies.

According to a report by Matthew Belloni of Puck, Bill Damaschke and Warner Bros. Pictures Animation, the boss of Warner Bros. Pictures, said: Film group executives Mike de Luca and Pam Abdi met over the weekend to discuss the fate of the film after protests from artists, filmmakers and fans, discussing the heated correspondence between the studio and reps for the film's director Dave Green and some of its stars.

WBD had agreed to pay the actors a streaming bonus despite shelving the film, but that was clearly not enough to buy their silence on the matter. It's as if the artist wants his work to be seen by the public.

Carsten Kurpanek spent 2 and a half years as editor of the film and moved his family to the UK for 14 months. After learning that Coyote vs Acme had been shelved, he took to social media to share his disappointment, writing:

This amortization will remove everything you need to make a movie, not just what is displayed on the screen. The released film is just the tip of the iceberg of love and labor. The talent and commitment of those who bring the project to life should not be overlooked.

As artists, we pour ourselves into these projects. This film has been me for the last 2 and a half years. It will always be a part of me. Wile E to the right arm a week I delivered the movie before leaving London.I got a tattoo of Coyote. This erasure is painful on a personal level.

According to Deadline, WBD expected a write〜off ofド3000 million to put the film on the shelf, which is reported to be a budget of66000 million to-8000 million. So, those who want to watch coyotes vs. acme may not want to be too excited yet. As Belloni pointed out in his newsletter, finding a platform willing to buy a one-off Rooney Tunes movie at a price that works for Wbd is small