Netflix Sneak peeps through a series of new genres, including "Cyberpunk" and "Intergalactic."

Today was all about animation at Netflix's Geeked Week. [

Perhaps, rumors of the demise of Netflix animation were premature. I wouldn't argue that streamers have taken a few knocks this year and dropped some high-profile animation projects, but today Netflix has shared a lot of new clips, behind-the-scenes footage, first-look stills, concept art and more from the upcoming animation slate. [

Below is a breakdown of the upcoming projects that were teased on Day 3 of Geeked Week, a streamer's online event for fans specializing in genre production.

Other new series and updates to existing shows were also announced:

On Tuesday, the Streamer also dropped a trailer for its upcoming feature Wendell & Wild footage featuring the Sea Beast and Henry Selick's Stop-motion.