The upcoming Fox series "Krapopolis" dropped Krap Chicks, the first batch of Nfs.

Dan Harmon's upcoming Krapopolis is the most high-profile animated show not yet curated on Blockchain, and as fox Corporation's Blockchain Creative Labs has released the first set of series-related Nft, Krap Chicks, interested fans with burning money will be able to own part of the series. You can also use the following methods:

What is Krapopolis - Krapopolis is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece created by Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community). It follows a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters trying their hardest to run one of the world's first cities. The animation is provided by Fox subsidiary Bento Box and will air a special preview episode on 2023, before the series premieres on Fox on 11/27.

How are NFT and Krapopolis related - the show is billed as an entry point for Fox and producers Bento Box into the nft business. The visual assets that could eventually appear on the show are being sold as Nft, and the first of them is Krap Chicks. Blockchain Creative Labs, a Web3 technology company from Fox Entertainment, oversees the development, production and sales of the NFT.

Krap Chickens- Krap Chickens is an Nft with artwork drawn by artists working on the show. When Krapopolis is broadcast, the elements of the Nft are displayed on the screen. In total, 10,420 pieces of craps chicken will be minted.

sillier and more vague explanations are available on the Krapopolis website:

Before the currency was developed in 600 BCE, the ancient Greeks used a barter system and most goods that were bartered were edible but perishable. You may not be able to eat this chicken, but you can replace it for much more than a jar of olive oil. Buy Krap chickens to participate in the birth of civilization like never before.

How much does Krap Chicken cost - Nft was sold to the public in.18ETH, although the list price of early access was available (about 3 340 at the time of writing).The list price of 15ETH ($283.50) as well as VIC (a very important clucker).1ETH (1 189.00). Gas charges (mandatory blockchain transaction fees) will also be evaluated at the time of purchase. Krap chickens are transferable and can be sold in secondary markets such as Rarible and Opensea.

And how much they really are worth - not much more than a jar of olive oil in the way the market is headed. Since its launch last week, the resale value of Krap Chicken has fallen significantly in both OpenSea and Rarible, with most sales closing at less than half the vic's special purchase price.1ETH, and rarely approaches or surpasses the standard.18ETH the cost of the new Krap chicken at launch. As the show nears launch, it will be interesting to keep track of whether Krap Chicken's value will improve.

Are there other perks to owning Krap Chicken - yes, while the show is still airing. According to the Krapopolis website, the first Krap Chicken art element will be prominently featured in a show where collectors can see the inspiration behind the Nft attributes. Owners will be granted access to Tokengate content, private Discord channels, Tokengate products, greetings, drops and giveaways, and will have the right to vote on various show details. In addition, Krapopolis's FAQ about chickens promises that the Nft will eventually start "spawning" every day in the form of non-transferable Nft. Additional details are said to be on the way about the "egg"."

Where will my money go if I buy crap chicken - at the moment, it's not very clear. The Krapopolis website does not indicate how the funds raised through the nft auction are being spent or saved, but the show's FAQ seems to imply that some of the money could be donated to charity without making a solid commitment for that purpose.

Blockchain Creative Labs and Krapopolis are proud to support Humane League, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals, especially smart and loving chickens.

Not Daja, all that was also on the occasion of the NFT of Krapopolis, published a video of the sound as I got lost in it:

Dan Ha's most trusted name technology in Hi. That's why I have no furniture. Krapの鶏はちょうどで進水しました i'm going to get your craps chicken right now. i think we'll all get rich together. I think...I think that's how this works. If it doesn't work that way, don't sue me. And if you sue me, you'll have to do it for Krap chickens, because the American dollar is phased out. ...Do not join me -