"Batman" series, "Gumball" movie among half a dozen titles, is no longer heading to HBO Max.

Warner Bros.5 Warner Bros. from Animation1 from Discovery (WBD) Production and Hanna-Barbera Europe will no longer head to HBO Max after it's finished.

Instead, the company plans to shop them out to other networks and platforms, possibly including some of its own subsidiaries like Cartoon Netework.

It's a big disappointment for animation fans who subscribe to hbo Max, but the news comes as Warner Bros. has dominated the news cycle this summer.It is not as devastating as the cancellation of the event. This is because these 6 titles have not been completely canceled. We were able to confirm that the crew was still working on at least some projects this week.

According to a report from TV Line that broke the story, six titles include:

Batman: The Cape Crusader

The Wonderful World of Gumball: The movie (Working Tie

At least 3 straight-to-streaming titles from the HBO Max platform). WARNER'S DECISION TO REMOVE THE STREAMING FEATURE IS NOT SURPRISING. In a Q2 earnings call earlier this month, CEO David Zaslav said that Warner will no longer produce movies intended to go directly to the company's streaming platform, and that future Warner movies, whether animated or not, will be called hbo Max (or warner-Discovery's hybrid platform in the future). He added that the film will be released in theaters before it hits theaters (whatever it may be).