Posted online by Long-Lost-Kingdom Hearts-Pilot Animated director Seth Kearsley.

For those two decades of legend on message boards and fan forums on the Internet, Kingdom Hearts Pilot Animatic, long not available, was created by the show's director Seth Carsley (Dilbert, Eight Crazy Knights, Rooney Tunes Show). It was posted and went online.

Kearsley posted a video and explained:

I don't own this. I will not claim any rights to any part of this except that this is my job. I am not profiting from it. I want to show my work. It was 20 years.

This is not without [its] flaws, I have [no] doubts to be pointed out, but setting the whole premise of a narrative series that could be told at the time we had and doing "typical episodes" is a tall order. We feel like we've pulled it apart, and when they tested it with the kids, it was more than anything they were testing in that round

in a video posted to his Youtube channel on 10/5, Kearsley first decided to post the animatic he had all the time on the vhs tape. Announcing and developing the pilot

When the Kingdom Hearts project came across his radar, Kearsley went outside and bought the game and took 1 week to bing it. He says he felt it was right for his ambition and couldn't wait for him to start.

Unfortunately, there were some speed bumps along the way. The pilot was meant to be episode 7 of the show, leaving Carsley with no possibility of telling the origin story or building the world. It was made for a hurried narrative in which the director says he wants to expand if he has the opportunity.

He also explains that the original script contains a character from Kingdom Hearts, although it is read like an episode of Aladdin. It didn't work for him, so he talked to the head of production, and as he rewritten it as an episode of Kingdom Hearts that happened in the world of Aladdin

Kearsley says the pilot's animatronic was wonderfully tested but shelved anyway. He believes that even today the Kingdom Hearts show will "crush" and says he wants to get involved if Disney has him. However, he admits he's not keeping up with the Kingdom Hearts franchise after breaking his heart by the shelves of ideas for his original series

Kearsley finishes the video and states why now is the time for him to share the animatics. The director was involved in an almost fatal car accident earlier this year, and he fractured all of his right ribs – four of which now have plates – half of his opposite ribs, both hips, and his right pelvis, as well as a collapsed lung, a lacerated heart and a ruptured spleen.

"I almost died, and there was some shit I wanted to put out into the world, and there was little to put out into the world, so I'm going to put out into the world," he said