The popular cooking channel Chef Club gets an animated adaptation.

Somewhere animation, Mediawan's new 2d animation tv label for children, entitled its first production, the TV adaptation chefclub Adventure of the popular web brand Chefclub

That the Internet native IP has adapted to TV is not a new phenomenon. Happy Tree Friends was a popular web series before being picked up by G4 for the network's late night Block in 2006, and Cartoon Network commissioned the Annoying Orange High Fructose Adventure in 2012 based on the web series Annoying Orange.

Now, however, the path from independent web-based channels to TV looks more open than ever. Big show of baby shark. It has become a big hit for Nick Jr.On May 9, Netflix released Bee and Puppy Cat: Lazy in Space as a full series containing 3 new episodes commissioned by the Streamer. British Channel 4 released a serial version of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" late last month. And just last week, Oddballs, based on the Youtube channel TheOdd1sOut, premiered on Netflix and debuted in the sixth on the English TV charts of streamers after its first week.

For broadcasters and streamers, the popular Internet Ip is attractive because it comes with its own built-in fan base and creators who know how to reach those fans. They can also skip much of the development phase because much of that work is already done by the creators of the show.

Currently in its sixth year, Chefclub, founded by brothers Thomas, Jonathan and Axel Lang, boasts more than 2.5 million subscribers across all platforms, pulling more than 110 million views each month, according to mediawan internal statistics, Chefclub teaches young viewers about cooking in an easy-to-understand and interesting way. It was the first time that I had been able to do so.

Chefclub Adventures follows a similar mantra, starring characters who are currently appearing as mascots online with the aim of helping educate children between four and seven about the benefits of eating well and challenging new things, and helping introduce young audiences to other cultures. Each episode, the characters appear globetrot in a new country, try new recipes and ingredients. The series will be co-produced by Somewhere Animation with the original Chefclub team.

Somewhere Animation was founded by Arthur Colignon and is the latest company in Children and family stable Mediawan, including Method Animation, On Classics, Magical Society and Elliot Studio. Big-name productions from these other companies include The Little Prince (classic), Miracle–Tales of Ladybugs & Cats Noir (co-produced with Method Animation) and this year's Annecy Best Feature winner, Little Nicholas Happy as Bee (Classic).