Tom and Jerry get a cute makeover from Cartoon Network Japan.

Tom and Jerry have gotten quite a big rework in Japan where animators have created a new cute (cute) version of the iconic cat and mouse.

Cartoon Network Japan has debuted a new series of animated short stories with animal comedy duo Pastel, super cute versions and naughty mouse Toffee, owned by Tom and Jerry's IP holder Warner Bros. Discovery.

Classic cartoon characters have been redesigned with rounded edges, soft features, a bright color palette, and a gentle attitude. There was also a title change, replacing the traditional katakana characters used to adapt the foreign names of previous Tom and Jerry content to Japanese with hiragana characters, usually reserved for Japanese names and words.

Production details were not immediately available at the time of publication, but we will update more information is available.

Synopsis of the show, translated into English using Google Translate, read:

[New]Tom and Jerry, to be broadcast for the first time in the world, is a Japanese original with speedy and humorous moves that is the real joy of Tom and Jerry, as they continue to chase and fight each other. The character design expresses a pop and cute world view.

Transformation into adorable characters such as the annoying cat Tom, the cute but clever mouse Jerry, and the small and cute mouse Toffee are all new features in this series and have attracted a lot of attention.

From the description, as the antics of the world's most famous cat and mouse game Hack and Slash have been toned down in Japanese shorts

The new, cuter Tom and Jerry are not meant as an alternative to traditional Japanese shows. In fact, 11/11 is Cheese Day, and to celebrate the occasion, the network broadcast 7 hours of Jerry-themed cartoons, most of them from the WBD catalog