In its second week, "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio" is the most popular movie on Netflix around the world.

In Week 2 on the platform, Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio is Netflix's most watched movie in the world, according to streamer's weekly Top 10 list.

Stop-motion adaptations managed 12 million viewing hours in the week of the 12th to 18th, up from 3,940 million in the opening weekend of the 2,900. Despite only being on Netflix for 3 days during the first week, it still ranked 2nd among English films.

Pinocchio became the first Netflix original animation feature to top the weekly list since Chris William's "The Beast of the Sea" did it in the week of 7/4/10. Stephen Donnelley's Scrooge: A Christmas Carol finished 3rd with 5.70 million hours of viewing in week 9.

Produced by Timeless Films in partnership with Axis Studios and premiered on 12/2, it has been in the top 10 since.

These were only the top 10 animated films of the week on Netflix 2, but the new animated series Sonic Prime cracked the top 2780 of the list's 5th slo Streamers with 10 million hours of viewing The last animated series was a big mouth when its sixth season premiered back on May 10. It was.

Meanwhile, among the non-English series, the Korean show Lookism finished its second week on the platform in eighth place with nearly 10 million hours of viewing. Last week, the show, adapted from the popular web series, amassed 8 million viewers an hour.