Ramy Youssef New details of the upcoming Amazon series "#1Happy Family USA" have been revealed.

Amazon has announced details and voice-cast information for a new series of previously announced animated series Ramy Youssef, part of the first-look deal between the creator and the platform.

Originally ordered on May 3 last year, the series is now entitled #1Happy Family USA. According to Variety, which first reported the new details, the series focuses on "the experiences of Muslim American families who have to learn how to code switch as they navigate the early 2000s - an era of fear, war, and rapid expansion of the boy band industrial complex."

The voice cast of the series includes Youssef, Aria Shawkat, Sarmahindi, Landajallah, Mandi Moore, Chris Redd, Akashsin and Whitmer Thomas. Youssef stars as Rumi Hussein, an imaginative 12-year-old boy who wants to fit in. The boy, named after the iconic Persian poet and philosopher, struggles to live to his namesake. Youssef also voices the boy's father, Hussein Hussein, Shukat voices the boy's sister Mona, and Hindi voices his mother Sharia.

Youssef co-created the series with veteran TV writer and producer Pam Brady. Youssef's Cairo Cowboy is produced by co-producer A24 and Amazon Studios.

This series is another expression of Amazon's ambition in animation.1 Streamer was recently announced as the future home for Warner-produced animated content from the Dc Universe. As for the original, Amazon has previously announced a sausage party: Foodtopia and Hospital.

#1 The A24 that has produced Happy Family USA appears to be pushing further into animation after backing up one of the year's favourites to win the best animated feature Oscar nomination as well, Marcel The Shell in shoes. The indie powerhouse is also collaborating with Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano in the upcoming animated series Hazbin Hotel.