The animation will appear on Netflix, Disney+, Criterion, Hulu and more in 2023/3.

The Moon is just around the corner, and the animated streaming Calendar has a classic tie with a new title that fans will certainly want to dive into

Netflix has released the long-awaited series Agent Elvis, as well as its next animated feature, a picture of Kate Dicamillo's Magician Elephant. It will release such adaptations. Disney+'s new series Kiff debuted in May, and Streamers will also replace human players with characters from the show Big City Greens and the New York Rangers NHL

Hulu's impressive lineup of big-name titles has been highlighted by the arrival of Masaaki Yuasa's Ino-Oh. The platform will stream the Oscar on 3/13. Fans of Veggie Tales will be thrilled by the glut of titles appearing on Prime Video, but that's all Amazon's streaming service is adding on May 3.

HBO doesn't have many new arrivals along the way, but we're excited to just check out: Animated Shorts Collections, Underrated Communes

Criteria have added Al Abreu's Oscar-nominated masterpiece Boy and the World, and Mubi has spied a pair of Ghost in the shell movies. Streaming.

A few notes on the list: While the list includes announcements of new seasons for existing shows, some streamers will have new episodes in their monthly batches, and streamers will often also announce new animation releases in the middle of the month. Our guide only catalogs what streamers announce at the beginning of the month, but if possible, update the schedule if there is a mid-month announcement This list contains only content premiered in the US version of these services.



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