The Canadian Screen Awards recognize the top film, television and digital productions of the past 1 year.

The Canadian Film and Television Academy's 2023Canadian Screen Awards were held over the last week, with the final gala televised on Sunday night.

The award does not have an animation feature category, but this year's best animated short honor (or honor if you're north of the border) was presented to the Flying Sailor of prominent Canadian writers Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbes. Before the winners were announced, the film was very popular and had already won a lot of international acclaim and Oscar nominations. This year's Visual Effects Award was presented to Peter McAuley, Kayden Anderson, Tom Turnbull and Caitlin Foster with a work on David Cronenberg's "Crime of the Future."

On television, Wildbrain Studios' The Snoopy Show was named the best animated series or program of the year, while Guru Studio and Spin Master Entertainment's PAW Patrol were named the best preschool series or program of the year, with the best visual effects going to Joe Kicak and Sebastian Harder for the detention adventure episode "Negative Space."

In the digital media category, Lou from Unlimited VR was named the best non-fiction immersive experience, with The Orchid and The Bee winning the best fiction immersive experience. Sarah Northway's I Was A Teenage Exocolonist was named the Top Canadian video game of the Year.

Animated short stories

Achievement of visual effects

Animated series or programs

Preschool programs or series

Direction, animation

Lighting, animation


Sound, animation

Visual effects

Original music, animation

Immersive experience, non-fiction


Immersive experience, fiction

video games