Warner Bros. Discovery is bringing a complete spy.- Return to Cartoon Network in 2024.

Sam, Clover and Alex will return to the Cartoon Network in 2024, marking the new season of the early 2000s hit show "Totally Spies" 7.

The original is a cult classic that eventually aired in 130 countries, producing comic books, novels and video game adaptations. It premiered on the ABC Family in 2001 and later moved to Cartoon Network. In total, it ran over 156 seasons, including 6 episodes and a feature film.

What we fully know about spying is: Reboot:

A View of the Comic Brew Completely spy news because we've seen WBD leaning heavily on the popular catalog franchise recently. It is hardly surprising that it will be picked up. This is especially true after Hbo Max-Discovery+hybrid launches next month and Max boss promises to launch 40 new titles and seasons each month.