-Spell Bound,バ Batman Aztec,ン Captain Laser Hawk- Headline Annecy-S sidebar work in progress.

Annecy has always had a lot to offer artists, students, industry people, the press, and visitors who show up to thousands of French festivals every year on the 6th month. However, some of the event sidebars are getting as much attention as the working pitch in progress.

On Thursday, the organizers of Annecy held a press conference and many festival highlights were laid out for the first time, including its official and Contrechamp competitions, which we covered last night.

Now, we've come back to take a look at the 17 films, series, and interactive works that will host the WIP presentation this year, and we've decided to take a look at what audiences can expect to see this June.

Little Amelie or the Rain Character, Maïlys Vallade,Liane-Cho Han (France)

Ghost Cat Anzu,Yoko Kuno,Nobuhiro Yamashita (Japan, France)

Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios,Juan Meza-Leon (Mexico, USA)

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,Mehdi Leffad (France, United States)

Here Lies My Heart

heart Of darkness,Rogerio Nunes (Brazil, France)

Into The Wonderwoods, Vincent Paronnaud,Alexis Ducord (France, Luxembourg)

Emperor,Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen (France, Luxembourg) France, Germany)

Eugene, Anais Qaura (France)

Flow, Ginz Gilvalodis (Latvia, France)

Frankelda and the Prince of Spies, Rodolfo Ambriez, Arturo Ambriez (Mexico)

Juliet and the King, Ashkan Rafsanjani Gozar (Iran)

La jeune fille qui pleurait des perles, Chris Lavis, Matik Szcherbowski (Canada)

Slocum,Jean・François Laguionie (France, Luxembourg)

Spellbound, Vicky Jenson (USA)

Sultana's Dream, Isabel Herguera (Spain, Germany)

Sunset Motel,Gilles Jobin,Thomas Ott (Switzerland, France)