Adult Swim launches a new block of cartoon network classics, including "Dexter's Lab", "Courage Cowardly Dog".

In the 3-month Q1 financial results, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang and Discovery Kids president Michael Ouweleen announced that Adult Swim will expand its programming block by 5/1 to 1 hour.

That move proved popular enough to viewers that the network is trying to add another hour to its schedule later this summer.

A new programming block entitled Checkered Past will debut on the Cartoon Network under the Adult Swim banner. From 8/28, it starts every Monday to Friday at 6pm. EST Checkered Past brings a line-up of classic cartoon network programming, including Dexter's Lab, Billy and Mandy's Grim Adventures, Cowardly Dog Courage, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and more.

On Saturday, content will be available in more modern programming, including Genndy Tartakovski's Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and My Adventures with Superman. It shifts a little to the cutting. On Sunday, the channel will continue to host Acme Night, 6-9p.m.A family-oriented content line-up to run.

In a statement to Deadline that broke the news, Ouweleen said:"Animation can talk to multiple age groups at the moment and find a new audience for decades," he said. The original of the early Cartoon Network - an example of a show that does both like Dexter's Lab and cowardly Dog Courage."

After the expansion of Adult Swim last month, 7p of the network.m.The Block saw growth of 24% among viewers between 49 and 18 and 34 between 38. 8 (Upi)8 The New York Times reported on Monday that the Trump administration is considering a ban on transgender people from entering the U.S. military. Programming blocks, and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim now ad support for Primetime