Robot Playground Media reveals a new horror anthology series "Banquet for Hungry Ghosts".

Singapore's Robot Playground Media (RPM) is recruiting animation companies from Asia Pacific and Europe to work on its new animated horror anthology series, "A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts."

The 10-part series, adapted from the eponymous novel by Ying Chang Compestine, won backing at last year's Mediacorp Content Development pitch event. The pilot episode egg fried rice will be released in early 2024. It will be commissioned and funded by Mediacorp with 108 media co-financing on the order of the series.

Banquet for Hungry Ghosts"The ten episodes were conceptualized as a ten-course banquet representing a separate dish served during the Hungry Ghosts Festival, each of which is a Chinese custom of serving food to appease ghosts wandering the Earth during the seven months of the Lunar calendar.

10 episodes will be titled:

RPM also shared some exciting early concept art:

Global studios involved in production include Igloo Studio (Thailand), Studio Climb (Malaysia), Something Big (France), Dissnosc (France), Werlen Meyer (France), Xanthus Animation (Taiwan) and RPM – in keeping with the show's focus on the Chinese diaspora and its cultural influences, especially its cuisine. More studios will be announced soon.

The show will be executive produced by 108 Media's Justin Damen, In Kompestin, Abi Rastogi, Robot Playground Media'sアin Han, Bernard Tho and former Disney animator Raul Garcia. It will be.

In the release, Ersin Han, CEO and co-founder of Robot Playground Media, said:

The combination of Chinese food and the afterlife is a fascinating pairing for what we imagine to be a groundbreaking animated series for modern viewers. 10 deliciously creepy stories created by the most exciting indie studios in Asia and around the world. Horror is a genre that has been underestimated for so long in animation. At the banquet, we aim for a long-term horror series that will satisfy the appetite of audiences around the world who are hungry for bold, fun and imaginative adult animation. Let the feast begin.

Angeline Poh, Chief Customer and Corporate Development Officer at Mediacorp, said,

Robot Playground Media is excited to produce "egg fried rice" with them at a pitch for a banquet for hungry ghosts in a content development pitch contest. This collaboration highlights Mediacorp's commitment to invest in the development of good stories, as well as our dedication to nurture and support creative talent.This exciting and innovative concept promises a spine chilling viewing experience for viewers around the world and we can't wait to delve into this unique culinary journey of terror. It is not possible to do so.”