Paramount+ Content Purge: Streamer has removed 6 animated series.

Warner Bros.Following in the footsteps of other streamers like Discovery's Max and Disney+, Paramount+ is removing at least half a dozen animated series from its platform.

Which series has been Taken Down - The 6 animated shows that have left Paramount+ include Becca's Bunch, Digby Dragon, Monsters vs.These are Aliens, Peter Rabbit, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, and Star Trek: Prodigy.

Why is Paramount+ Removing the show - in at least 1 instance – from the Star Trek series – Paramount is abolishing it as part of a tax accounting strategy that allows it to claim financial losses on the show. The 2nd season of the show, which is not broadcast, will be shopped by rival streamers and broadcasters.

The reason for removing other shows is darker. According to Deadline, which first reported the news, Paramount insiders claim that other shows are being removed as "part of the monthly add and remove process" and not for financial reasons, but if so, it will still be a larger amount of removal than usual for streamers.

What does this mean - Streaming services always add and remove content, but now they are doing more aggressively than before and rarely build goodwill relationships with customers who have signed up for the service. As entertainment journalist Mark Harris pointed out, "The idea of television living in a permanent library is new; shows disappearing with cancellations have long been the norm." But the idea was a central promise of the streaming service. The monthly subscription fee did not say, "according to Paramount's tax writing needs.'”